Sunday, May 9, 2010

nur shafiqa izzati

  • dear zetty
  • i am too shy to say this but i guess i'll just spill it out here
  • I MISS YOU babe!
  • it's been a while since we last met, almost 2 years i think
  • and i still remember the last day we met when you're about to fly to hradec kralove, you came to my house semata2 nak jumpa for the last time kan?
  • and how i miss those days especially during foundation year when turun naik shah alam-k terengganu was like a routine whether by flight or bus, kita dua je talking all the way, any stuff, gossips
  • but now, every time i travel back to terengganu, i look at my side, i hope the seat is for you but i know it's just impossible, and i force myself to sleep because there's no one i could talk to, laugh about or just knowing that i am not alone. well at least i am not afraid to be alone during travel anymore. i guess -.-'
  • how i miss a friend like you, who knows me outside and inside, who knows me when i say the truth, when i am just joking, when i am happy and most of all, when i am sad
  • and you always stand for me and even others don't believe in me
  • still remember those time when i saw your eyes and i said "serious. betol ni" and you knew that i am telling the truth
  • not forgetting that we could stay up all night long talking about anything, everything. our dreams or even fantasy
  • knowing you when we were in standard 5 just can't believe that this friendship started with the bag incident
  • ingat lagi mula2 awak budak PTS masuk kelas kita orang, saya sorokkan bag awak sebab nak kenakan budak baru
  • but then we went to the high school together then dapat result pmr kita sama2 pergi mrsm pengkalan chepa then dapat result spm pergi shah alam buat foundation. but fate brings us apart.
  • bila lagi dapat sama2 macam dulu maybe lepas kita habis degree kan?
  • but i guess at that time semua ada komitmen masing2, and we never can go back just like before
  • being with you and growing up together was one of the best moment i ever had 
  • and i'll remember us as one of the chapters in the unknown-ending book, life.
  • p/s : nak tulis banyak lagi tapi nanti bosan pulak dan tak pasal2 keyboard laptop saya banjir :P

zetty, i miss you

Selama ini
Teman yang sejati
Buat menemani
Perjuangan suci

Bersyukur kini
PadaMu Illahi
Teman yang dicari
Selama ini
Telah kutemui

Dengannya di sisi
Perjuangan ini
Senang diharungi
Bertambah murni
Kasih Illahi
KepadaMu Allah
Kupanjatkan doa
Agar berkekalan
Kasih sayang kita

Kepadamu teman
Ku pohon sokongan
Pengorbanan dan pengertian
Telah kuungkapkan

KepadaMu Allah
Kupohon restu
Agar kita kekal bersatu
Kepadamu teman
Teruskan perjuangan
Pengorbanan dan kesetiaan
Telah kuungkapkan
Itulah tandanya
Kejujuran kita
now i know the true meaning of the song :)


anis said...

alaa..suwigg bett

cik zetty penjaja bijan said...

bettttttttttttttttt.. suwigggggggggggg sgt..

hana said...

suwigg gler bett.
terharu ak baca.