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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

ain's bday party

Hey there upper east siders
Ur one and only sources into the scandalous life of IMS' elites

Spring is coming everyone
And it seems not only the flowers are budding now
Some might believe in long distance relationship
Yeah, but not all will turn into a happy ending =P

Just like the spring, this long distance relationship is blooming as well
Gosh, did i mention how dAM surprised serAINa all the way from Manipal with the unexpected birthday party?
Yeah, serAINa was totally amazed, no doubt
Along with the red theme, everyone was like a shooting star, sparkled and shined by those outfits

Credit to dAM and friends for giving a wonderful effort to the marvelous decor and style
Not forgetting the superb catering by phee-qa and friends for their astonishing spaghetti
And well done to Fattah and Arif for being the professional party planners

SPOTTED : dAM and serAINa

SPOTTED : Arif and Fattah. Can't even imagine the party without them =P

SPOTTED : Duwe was not only looking for "AYU2" girls but he was about to propose AYUni. err.. terbalik2 =P
SPOTTED : Acap is not a monyet. Acap is the DJ
SPOTTED : New looks. Pjah with the new hairstyle and Dila with the new make up

SPOTTED : Ain the snow white, Queen B, and Rashid the chef =P

SPOTTED : U and J were seen together "mesra2" at the party. Wondering why Mr Hat at the back was spying U? Or he was looking for another girl, the E girl? =P

SPOTTED : Manja, Yen, Zaira and Queen B in red. Pity Yen for being sleepy =P.

SPOTTED : Kozac in new Benneton's boots, Queen B and Ajib not showing the braces. =P

SPOTTED : Oh no, it seems Tika was having a new feeling experiment with Topak? Beware T, you never find out what you gonna be when F found out this =P

SPOTTED : Gosh, Topak was attacking the new victim, Kozac? Teng and Kozac were having affair? Mijah was jealous but trying hard to smile? Acap was not being monyet? And Paan trying hard to be snapped? What a scene..
SPOTTED : Kak Sya, Queen B, Mimi and Dina.

SPOTTED : The "saya-setia-pada-awek-saya-di-Malaysia" boys.

SPOTTED : The wondergirls wannabe. Phee-qa the caterer. MJ the original wondergirl. The screaming Zigot. The serius-"macam-warden" asma. The "mama2" Uniq. The "kenyit2-gaya-ngorat" Putri. The "mesra-rakyat" Tengku. And the gorgeous Queen B.

SPOTTED : It seems like Teng loves the drumstick more than she loves Amir =P

SPOTTED : Ikrey, the "malu2" physio subject. Looking luxury in white fur. Hopefully no more snow cap issue =P

SPOTTED : Queen B and the Form Five. It seems like Form Five is having a new member. =P

SPOTTED : Haris was copying Fattah? Copycat =P

SPOTTED : Ikrey betrayed. He was not even in Batch D.

SPOTTED : Fay and Syaza with SerAINa, the birthday girl. Go babe! You lost 12 kg recently!

SPOTTED : Queen B and Hazrul.

"We must appreciate" Queen B for supplying all those pictures
Yeah, CEMPAKA was also at the party
Lets find out which one is me
But I bet you never find out

You know you love me


-uniq yg pelik- said...

kalo mu d0p kata kat aku sehari d0p bley ka bet?
esok duduk asing di lcture hall.=P

Muhammad Hazrul Badrul Hisham said...

hahaha...byk sgt yg kne spotted nie..
tp time kaseh kpd penganjur n sume2 yg put effort ..mmg best !

Arif Johari said...

and anyway..
terkilan juga aku tidak dimasukkan didalam party organiser..
owh..ini adalah satu humiliation bagiku..
unfortunately.. my pic oso not there..
i am not being spotted when i have to be spottted...

kisah cempaka said...

owww arif
really dunn0 b0ut ur involvement in dis
n i d0nt hav any pixies of y0u
but see.. u r sp0tted babe!!

u n0e u l0ve me

afiq Sayuti said...

shot aku ngn muka sakit aku
euww!jtuh saham i tau
lenkli shot aku ngn muka sihat aku menggunakan dslr alpha kau yg bajet mahal tu ye

kisah cempaka said...

pedas tuu
kal0 mmg bt0l chanteq sh0t mcm mne p0n ttp chanteq gak
lgp0n gmbr cndid cam 2 natural
i lyke~

-uniq yg pelik- said...

tgk bet..jehan pon d0p suka gmbar tu..
buang ar weyh...
malu kat org ja..=P

dilaisma said...


serAINa said...

thanx so much...
the next serAINa huh??
nway,thanx for that blog n nice pics... =)

kisah cempaka said...

nj0y being 20 den

u n0e u l0ve me

afiq Sayuti said...

ko ni
mkin twenty mkin naughty ya
tarik rama2 dirambutmu tu kang

Phat-ness said... r post ni shizuka (sbb ak ade...hehe)

neways...tanx for the compliment (^_^)

onethousandmirrors said...

haha.. M not sleepy. I being at peace with my inner being.nyeh. =)

qayyum said...

send regard to manja