Thursday, August 26, 2010

sometimes things don't go with plan. but they go with flow

  • my mum called and she said i just won a contest!
  • i don’t really hoping for this since i entered for the sake of nothing :P
  • still remember when i was a kid, i used to enter tv contests (kfc hour, alam ria cuti sekolah, along, etc)
  • the prizes at that time were so “jaw-dropping”!! (2 sets of tv, playstation, desktop, roller blade, etc)
  • and everytime after i sent the contest i used to plan how i m gonna do with the prizes that i m gonna won 
  • and the most pathetic part is, i spared a space in my room near plugs for the tv that comes with the playstation, bought  stockings that would go with the roller blade and planning to write my name on desktop so that i wouldn’t have to quarrel with my brother.
  • but whenever they announced the winners, i got frustrated because i didn’t win. and the rest is history
  • and now, when i don’t even plan or think about the prizes after entering the contest, i just can’t believe that i am one of those who won the grand prize! so soft so johnson
  • alhamdulillah :)


faiz ck said...

tahniah!xsia sia usaha gigih promo mu..u owe me on evote k! haha

kisah cempaka said...

mu vote aku ke?

faiz ck said...


hana said...

i do like your title ^.^

kisah cempaka said...

suwigg kak hana~