Saturday, February 14, 2009

apa kabar orang kampung, lama sudah tak berjumpa...

Geez. It almost 2 months since i last met my family
And I'm deadly miss you guys :(

It's true and it's hard being far away and have to do all those stuff by myself
I just can't wait to meet you guys this May

This few weeks i kept thinking about home

Those home cook dinner and my own bedroom just driving me crazy
But yeah, everything has a price that you have to pay for

And being abroad, this is what i have to pay. :D
nayli & yaya


u know u luv me~ said...

rndu family gak..
ad st persoalan..
perlu ke tutup mata????
makan carrot eh;p

-uniq yg pelik- said...

aku rindu gak mama+abah aku..
mari2 kita pulang..
bliklah dgn mas...
bkn tiger..
sap0tlah industri tanah air..
saya anak msia!!
smngat btn..=P

mcddy said...

alamak..cane ni..
sy dpt tgk muke cempaka trang tang tang!! :P