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Friday, January 23, 2009

CEMPAKA, returns

at oasis, being anonymous

  • Geez. Where do I even begin? This week has been crazy busy
  • Monthly Test, Record Books, Some internal conflicts, Unmanageable budget and the INTERNET(expired)
  • It seems like I haven't been blogging since FOREVER
  • Poor me :(
  • Since there wasn't even one chance to get online, I've unconsciously upgraded my pinball skill up to 12 000 000 points!!
  • But now here i am, keeping on being ANONYMOUS =p

  • Last week, we went to oasis mall for the second time
  • It was kinda experiment with my new a200 dslr. (hehe~)
  • Then we hang out at the Fun City and managed to win 400 tickets!!
  • And the long-journey-window-shopping thingy that i didn't have to mention
  • We had our "auto-transit" at forum from our apartment to oasis

  • The next day, CEMPAKA and the "unknown" friend went for bicycle riding around their apartment compound
  • It was my first time since my last unforgettable-painful-accident :(
  • We tried to explore some new places till we got lost!!
  • Thanks to the "unknown" friend for at least showing some effort to get back

  • So yeah
  • Many more happened this week can't stated here

till then


Anonymous said...

damn, i'm jealous..since i'm not part of the fun. Huahua, i dunno how to play any sport..damn it. Neway, so happy to c u guys having such a great tyme..n, nice pics u got there!

Anonymous said...

satu lagi, mn kasot uniq yg ko ragot tu..

Anonymous said...

aku suke citer ayam..incredible hulk? strawberry lip gloss..oooo,sexy...wat were u thinking? hahahahahahaha..