Saturday, December 6, 2008

new hairstyle

  • day by day
  • hours by hours
  • minutes by minutes
  • seconds by seconds
  • today i found that all this time
  • i was adding up my adipose tissue beneath my skin
  • lining up my thigh, my arm, my neck and my face
  • making me such a FAT buddy

  • then i lied on my bed of course
  • and i started thinking
  • while looking at the fan swinging like a helicopter
  • suddenly there was a blink from a bulb above my head inside the cloud

  • it is all because i am having those salty fries plus that cheesy burger plus that 8-spoons-of-sugar-per glass Pepsi every time i have my lunch
  • then i kept thinking how to reduce my "adipose tissue"
  • do i have to walk home from college instead of bus?
  • do i have to stop taking my lunch?
  • do i have to do that cycling thingy as exercise?
  • do i have to take those pills to be slim?

  • and that bulb shows that
  • i should change my hair style
  • which MAYBE would cover up my a-lil-bit-of-fat-under-my-facial-skin.

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